Ecological cars

You will save on fuel, You will be friendly to the nature and You will enjoy the silent ride. All this with each of our ecological vehicles.

We rent a proven environmentally friendly cars running on compressed natural gas - CNG. CNG cars are safer and more economical than LPG vehicles or vehicles using conventional liquid fuels. You can convince yourself, for example, with our eco-car Mercedes - Benz B 180 NGT, Skoda Superb or VW Passat. These cars have spacious interior and provides sufficient comfort for traveling even for longer distances.

CNG car is equipped with two adequate tanks. The petrol tank is for 54 liters and the CNG tank is for 15 kg. The price of full CNG tank is around 300 CZK / for about 250 km. The overall radius of action is up to 1000 km. The detailed manual for the proper fueling CNG car is at There You can also find an overview of petrol stations, allowing CNG refueling in the Czech Republic and abroad.

We will rent You an ecological car with so-called prepaid tank. The condition for the car return is not refueling the CNG. When picking up the economical vehicle You will receive one of our cards for CNG fueling. You can use its benefits throughout the Czech Republic

Alternative CNG fuel has over 16.2 million users worldwide. CNG has a great future, because it is environmentally friendly and saves the reserves of oil.

Use our inquiry form, hire an ecological car from us and convince yourself about its qualities!

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