Sixt records good start into 2014


Pullach, 15 May 2014 – Sixt SE, Germany’s largest car rental company and one of
Europe's leading mobility service providers, made a good start into 2014. In the first
three months, revenue and earnings were both up on last year's figures. Alongside the
improved economic conditions this was borne out by the Group's ongoing growth
initiatives, in particular the continued expansion outside of Germany.

Consolidated earnings before taxes (EBT) increased 19.5% to EUR 26.6 million in the
first three months. Consolidated operating revenue grew encouragingly by 7.7% to
EUR 352.6 million. Because of the good start into the new fiscal year, the Managing
Board confirmed its previous expectations for the full year 2014.

Erich Sixt, Chairman of the Managing Board of Sixt SE: “We are very satisfied with
the business performance of the first quarter. Sixt is continuing its growth track and
benefits from the rebounding market demand for mobility services. Our expansion in
the USA and in European foreign countries is gaining momentum, so that we are
optimistic for the further course of the year.”

Group performance in the first three months of 2014





Investments in the rental and lease fleets expanded
In the first quarter of 2014 Sixt added a total of 41,700 vehicles with a total value of
EUR 1.00 billion to the rental and leasing fleets at home and abroad, compared to
36,500 vehicles with a value of EUR 0.88 billion over the same period last year. This
equals an increase of 14% in the number of vehicles and in the value of vehicles.
These stronger investments in the fleet take due account of higher demand at home
and abroad. 

Rock-solid equity base
At the end of the first quarter the Sixt Group recognised equity of EUR 695.1 million
compared with EUR 675.5 million as at the end of December 2013. This equals an
equity ratio of 27.0% (31 December 2013: 28.5%), which continues to be clearly above
the minimum target of 20% and well above the average of the entire rental and leasing

Outlook for full year 2014
Against the background of economic conditions picking up again and following the
good performance in the first quarter, the Managing Board affirms its outlook for the full
fiscal year 2014, expecting consolidated operating revenue to climb slightly over last
year's total. Growth stimulus should once again come predominantly from the markets
abroad. On the basis of a continued demand-driven and cautious fleet policy and a
consistent cost management, the aim is to achieve a stable to slightly higher Group


Developments in the operating business units


Vehicle Rental
Sixt is represented with its own subsidiaries in the core European countries of
Germany, France, Spain, the UK, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium,
Luxembourg, and Monaco (Sixt Corporate countries). This means that the Company
covers the largest part of the European rental market and is one of the continent's
leading vehicle rental companies. Since 2011 Sixt has also been active in the USA
through its own subsidiary. In the other European countries and in other global regions,
the Sixt brand is represented by a close-knit network of franchisees. The number of
rental offices (corporate and franchise) increased worldwide to 2,112 during the first
quarter of this year, predominantly in the franchise countries but also in the corporate
countries USA and France.

In the first quarter of 2014 Sixt continued to expand its presence in the USA, the
world's largest vehicle rental market. As at reporting date, 31 March 2014, the
Company had 30 stations in the USA, of which 20 were company-owned and
10 franchise stations. In addition, a renowned vehicle rental provider in the Boston area
was won over as a further franchisee.

The rental fleet (without franchise partners) comprised an average of 73,500 vehicles
over the first quarter. In the same quarter last year the average fleet size had been
67,100 vehicles.

The Vehicle Rental Business Unit reported rental revenue of EUR 230.1 million for the
first quarter of 2014, an increase of 9.5%. This growth is the result of domestic demand
growing by 6.7% and the continued expansion in Europe outside of Germany and in
the USA (+14.4%). Total revenue for the Vehicle Rental Business Unit came to
EUR 251.9 million, after EUR 231.3 million over the same period of last year (+8.9%).

The Business Unit's EBT climbed 13.5% to EUR 22.8 million (Q1 2013:
EUR 20.2 million).

Sixt Leasing is one of Germany’s largest vendor-neutral, non-bank full-service leasing
companies, whose services extend not only to classic finance leasing but also to a
broad range of services for efficient fleet management that reduce the customers'
mobility costs.

As at the end of the first quarter of 2014 the Leasing Business Unit’s total number of
leases in and outside Germany (excluding franchisees) was 79,600 and thus around
4% up on the figure at the end of 2013 (76,200). The growth is essentially attributable
to the expansion in the segments fleet management and mobility consulting.

As a consequence of the expanded contract portfolio, the Leasing Business Unit
increased first quarter revenue by 4.8% to EUR 100.7 million (Q1 2013:
EUR 96.1 million). Because of lower proceeds from the sale of used vehicles, the
Leasing Business Unit's total revenue amounted to EUR 129.4 million or 3.7% less
than the figure for the same quarter last year (Q1 2013: EUR 134.3 million). EBT for
the Leasing Business Unit came to EUR 3.6 million after EUR 4.0 million in Q1 2013.


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