Weekend car rentals

Enjoy the whole weekend with unlimited number of kilometres!

Hire a proven car from Sixt for the whole weekend for a really good price! You can go anywhere and the price for renting a car will be the same as for two days during the week. It is no secret that cars from Sixt are available to you over the weekend for the lowest prices on the market!


How does it work?

Reservation of a car for a weekend begins in our fleet. Here you can choose from a wide range of vans, personal and luxury cars in perfect technical condition.

You can pick up your weekend car at our branch of Sixt in Prague already on Friday at noon. After that just enjoy your carefree weekend. With an unlimited number of kilometers you can go anywhere you want. The car should be back at Sixt in Prague till Monday 9am.

If you decide to leave on Thursday, you will have a reserved car is already available from noon until 9 am Tuesday.

Sixt offers cars for whole weekend for attractive prices! Convince yourself about that at our price list.


  Short weekend: 3 days for a price of two days during the week
  Weekend break : 4 days for a price of two and half day during the week


Saturday and Sunday at Sixt bears in mind of extremely low prices. We will lend you personal cars or vans for 3 or 4 days for a very convenient prices. Convince yourself about it this very day! Dont hesitate and choose a car, that makes your weekend travelling pleasant.


The car for a weekend Weekend car